Cooking Class for Visitors to Provence


             Green Olive Tapenade                              Aïoli, the signature dish of Provence



            Lots of fresh herbs...                                          .... and wine of course!


Cuisine de Provence is not a cooking demonstration: after arriving at Barbara's house you are presented with your complimentary apron and from then on it is hands on participation.


Barbara will teach you five or even six typical Provençal dishes that together will form your delightful tasty lunch: a soup, a cake, a savory tarte, a clafoutis, tapenade or anchoiade to be eaten with crudités and a dessert of course - all accompanied by our wonderful regional wines.


These recipes will enable you when back home to invite your friends to one of the great and uniquely Provençal pasttimes: "L'apéritif dînatoire". Which means lots of tasty dishes on the table, a bottle of pastis, a pitcher of icecold water, cool bottles of regional red, white and rosé wines. The guests are invited to help themselves to all the goodies. This is all about "convivialité", about getting together to have a good time and a lovely, informal dinner at the same time.

You can also prepare a more formal dinner party à la Provençale by choosing just a predinner nibble, a first course and/or dessert from the illustrated recipes you will be taking home with you and arranging them around a main course of one of your favorite recipes. Just be sure to say "bon appétit!" when serving....

                                                Succulent Pissaladière